Dual Path Platform

DPP® Technology Information Sheet (.pdf)
DPP® Technology Information Sheet A4 version (.pdf)

Chembio has developed a new and innovative chromatographic immunoassay technology–Dual Path Platform (DPP®)–for rapid, point-of-care diagnostic testing of a wide variety of analytes. This technology offers significant advantages over Lateral Flow (LF) technology.

Executive Officer Javan Esfandiari

The independent flow paths of DPP® sample and conjugate assays increase the efficiency of antibody binding to the immobilized antigen. This has resulted in improved sensitivity in several different assays Chembio’s R&D team is currently developing. The sample delivery efficiency for all samples has been substantially improved via DPP®. This will facilitate the development of new rapid tests using oral
fluid, for example.”

-Javan Esfandiari, Chief Science and Technology Officer jesfandiari@chembio.com

President and Chief Executive Officer

We believe DPP® is a valuable technology platform and we are leveraging this asset via internal product development, grant-based research & development, and technology licensing and partnerships. In our core business, we are developing a DPP® HIV-Syphilis Assay and a DPP® HIV Ab/Ag Assay. We have a number of grant-funded projects to expand into “fever” diseases (Malaria, Dengue, Ebola, Lassa, Marburg, Chikungunya) as stand-alone and multiplex DPP® Assays. We have received numerous grants from leading organizations like the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and The Paul G. Allen Ebola Program. We have a number of additional collaborations, applying our DPP® technology to develop assays for Traumatic Brain Injury, Flu Immunostatus, and a specific form of cancer.”

-John Sperzel, President & Chief Executive Officer of Chembio

DPP® Technological Advantages:

Significantly increased analytical and clinical sensitivity.
Decreased overall assay interaction time – it’s faster!
DPP® is able to effectively resolve normal aggregation/agglutination migratory issues, a common concern in LF assays with large particle analytes (e.g., bacteria):
Enhanced multiplex capability with independent and simultaneous delivery of samples:
Easier and more user friendly test procedure:
Adaptable to multiple sample types:
Diverse potential applications for DPP®:

DPP® Corporate Business Strategy

Chembio has completed several new products and others in development utilizing its new DPP® technology. These products include single analyte, multiplex and confirmatory assays for a number of infectious diseases including TB, and other infectious diseases. These studies confirm the advantages of DPP® technology over single-path LF designs commonly employed in today’s rapid diagnostic assays. In March 2005, Chembio announced that it had filed a series of patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) regarding the DPP® technology, and since then, has filed in several other foreign jurisdictions worldwide. Chembio plans to develop new assays using DPP® and is actively pursuing licensing agreements with several interested companies.

*United States Patent #7,189,522 issued March 2007.
Patent protection is also are pending in several foreign jurisdictions worldwide.

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Research & Development:
Javan Esfandiari,
Chief Science and Technology Officer
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