Research and Development

Chembio is committed to developing highly accurate, affordable, efficient point-of-care rapid test products to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases worldwide. Chembio has been a key OEM provider to global brands in the diagnostic industry for many years, and our experienced management and R&D teams are constantly looking for ways to provide innovative solutions for healthcare providers everywhere.

Currently, we partner with not only commercial organizations but also foundations, NGOs, and healthcare organizations to research and develop faster, more accurate rapid diagnostic devices. Our work focuses on the areas of HIV, STDs and TB, and other Infectious Diseases all which have established Chembio as one of the cutting-edge companies in the medical diagnostic assay industry.


Association of Public Health Laboratories Center for Disease Control Yale University University of California San Francisco UNICEF World Health Organization Infectious Disease Research Institute The Global Fund

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Javan Esfandiari
Senior Vice President of Research & Development