DPP® Syphilis Screen & Confirm Assay (CE Marked)

A paradigm shift in confirmatory testing for syphilis infection

DPP Syphilis Screen and Confirm


A rapid point-of-care test that simultaneously and separately detects treponemal and nontreponemal antibodies.

The Paradigm Shift

Key Features
  • Innovative: Screen and confirm syphilis infection simultaneously, no need for reflex testing
  • Simple to use: Does not require specialized medical training
  • Actionable: Provides results in as little as 15 minutes, enabling physicians to make treatment decisions
  • Cost effective: Reduces overtreatment rate and cost burden; eliminates repeated visits to healthcare professionals

    Product Performance


    “The sensitivities and specificities of NT and T lines of the Chembio rapid test for syphilis are high, with nearly perfect concordance with the gold standard serology.”
    Guinard et at., Usefulness in clinical practice of a point-of-care rapid test for simultaneous detection of NT and T pallidum-specific antibodies in patients suffering from documented syphilis, Intl J of STD & AIDS, 2412, 944-50, 2013

    “DPP test shows good sensitivity and specificity in detecting treponemal and nontreponemal antibodies in 3 kinds of specimens.”
    Yin et al, Evaluation of Dual POC tests for Syphilis, Clinical Infectious Diseases, 56 (5):659-65, 2013.

    “The dual POC tests exhibits remarkable performance characteristics compared to the standard laboratory-based testing algorithm.”
    “The use of the dual POC test described here would result in the ability to both screen and confirm the serological status of patients in 15 min and give a better indication of active disease.”
    Castro et al., Novel Point-of-Care Test for Simultaneous Detection of Nontreponemal and Treponemal Antibodies in Patients with Syphilis, Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 4615-4619, Dec 2010.

    Ordering Information
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DPP® Syphilis Screen & Confirm Assay
CE Marked
Each kit contains the items to perform 20 tests:
• 20 DPP® Syphilis Screen & Confirm Individually Pouched Test Devices
• 20 Disposable Microsafe® Tubes
• 1 DPP® Syphilis Running Buffer Bottle (6mL) – Red Cap
• 1 Product Insert
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