Trademark Usage Guidelines

Chembio Diagnostic Systems, Inc. and Chembio Diagnostics, Inc.,
collectively “Chembio”


The DPP®, SURE CHECK®, STAT-PAK®, STAT-VIEW®, SampleTainer®, and Next Generation DPP® trademarks of Chembio are used in connection with products and services worldwide to signify the quality and excellence of our products. Chembio has obtained valuable rights through proper and continuous use of its trademarks. Adherence to the following usage guidelines will help to maintain the integrity of our brands and preserve their value.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a word, name, symbol, device, design, or phrase adopted and used by Chembio to identify its goods and services and to distinguish them from the goods and services of other organizations. Trademarks, also referred to as brands, are usually marked with either a ™ or an ® symbol (a ™ designates an unregistered trademark and an ® designates a registered trademark). Currently, Chembio uses six trademarks to identify its products—DPP®, SURE CHECK®, STAT-PAK®, STAT-VIEW®, SampleTainer®, and Next Generation DPP®. Trademarks are listed and used in the United States and may also be used and registered internationally by Chembio.

Referential Trademark Usage

You may use Chembio trademarks to refer to Chembio products in marketing and promotional literature, print materials, and other media provided that:

  • You adhere to the following trademark usage guidelines.
  • You do not disparage Chembio or Chembio products and services.
  • You do not imply a relationship or association with Chembio that does not exist.
  • You use appropriate notice on all trademarks and a footnote indicating that the trademark(s) is owned by Chembio.

General Trademark Usage Guidelines

  1. Use appropriate markings. Always designate the trademark with the appropriate ™ or ® symbol.
  2. Use Chembio trademarks as adjectives. A trademark is an adjective that modifies a noun. Always use Chembio trademarks as adjectives that describe the generic product.
  3. Incorrect: Chembio’s HIV 1/2 STAT-PAK®

  4. Correct: Chembio’s HIV 1/2 STAT-PAK® assay
  5. Attribute ownership of Chembio’s trademarks to Chembio. When you refer to a Chembio trademark, please include a notice of trademark attribution where appropriate on all labeling, print collateral, or other media:
    Correct: DPP®, SURE CHECK®, STAT-PAK®, STAT-VIEW®, SampleTainer®, and Next Generation DPP® are trademarks of Chembio Diagnostic Systems, Inc.