chembio scientists in labWe Improve Lives—that’s what drives us. It’s what makes us better, more innovative, more compelled to work harder. What we do is develop superior point-of-care rapid testing solutions for healthcare providers around the world; what we help create is healthier lives and communities.

Our Products meet the highest standards for accuracy and superior performance to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Our innovative solutions, like the Chembio Dual Path Platform (DPP®), make POC testing faster, more accurate, and more cost effective. And all of Chembio’s products have been designed, developed, tested, and manufactured in our Medford, NY, USA facility.

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Our People—are what makes Chembio. Chembio has a solid core of loyal, experienced, professional employees, and that creates loyal customers.
These are our values.

chembio scientists in lab